Building Service Providers

The front line army in the battle against dirt and grime.spray bottle

Building Service Providers from around the world depend on Amano Pioneer Eclipse® chemicals and equipment to help build and expand their business. Dependable, efficient and easy-to-use products along with expert knowledge and support allow floor care professionals to maximize their performance and – more importantly – their profits.

The company’s name says it all. Amano Pioneer Eclipse pioneered the use of ultra high speed burnishing equipment that delivered higher levels of shine in less time. Propane powered machines freed the contractor from the confines of electric cables while reducing labor costs and elevated the industry to new levels of expectation. To meet the demands of these new machines, the company developed special high speed finishes and coatings that could withstand the added heat and friction from burnishing pads spinning at 2000 rpm. A systems approach to floor care allowed the company to eclipse everyone in the industry.

Today, that spirit survives with new products and even higher levels of performance. An upgrade to the company’s entire line of propane machines makes them the most efficient, most dependable and least costly units to operate in the industry. New additions to EnviroStar Green™ – the company’s environmentally preferred brand of performance chemistry – creates one of the broadest, best performing chemical line-ups available. Carpet care, high gloss finishes, low maintenance coatings, low odor strippers, all purpose cleaners and an array of sanitary products are all part of EnviroStar Green family.

The company’s products are developed for floor care professionals by floor care professionals. Amano Pioneer Eclipse was founded by a Building Service Contractor and many of the company’s chemists, engineers and developers have hundreds of years of experience in and around the floor care industry. It is this experience, dedication and focus on floor that allows us to do what we do best.

We help you shine.™