concrete-300x200Complete systems for concrete grinding and polishing.

To grind and polish a concrete floor, Concrete Specialists require specialized equipment and specially formulated chemical treatments to do the job correctly and efficiently. Pioneer Eclipse offers both with its Hard Floor Restoration System.

The Daily Maintenance Program uses automatic scrubbers, high speed burnishers and PowerPolish™ HT curing pads to maintain the floors appearance.

The Periodic Maintenance Program uses special Level-S polishing pads to remove minor scratches and surface marring.

Polished-Concrete-220x160The Light Restoration Program uses more aggressive Level-S pads to address floors with more severe wear.

The Full Restoration Program incorporates special diamond grinding machines to remove surface stock on new, unpolished or heavily damaged surfaces, such as the PE450GP or PE420GP propane-powered machines.

To learn more about the machines, chemicals, and accessories best suited for your concrete grinding and polishing, go to our Concrete & Terrazzo page.